Costco Shop Card

Check Shop Card Cash Balance

Costco Shop Card benefits:

Gift to non-members

Also a great way for Business members to enable their staff to shop.

No expiration date

No need to worry about spending your balance before a deadline.

Shop Card value

Tailor it to your needs, with a minimum value of $25 and maximum of $999.99.

Australia wide

Use the Shop Card in all Australian warehouses now!


Shop Cards can only be purchased in a warehouse by current members.

At this point, Australian cards can only be used in Australian warehouses, excluding all fuel stations, food court self-serve kiosks and any eCommerce transactions.


Reloading your Shop Card

Members can reload their Shop Cards at any time. This must be done in a warehouse, with the minimum reload amount of $25.

Non-members cannot reload their card. Once all the funds are spent, warehouse staff will take and dispose of the card.



Members can request refunds on the items purchased using their Shop Card as usual: all items are recorded under their membership profile, so receipts aren’t necessary.

Purchase history isn’t recorded for non-members, so receipts must be presented for proof of purchase.


Balance transfers and merges

Members can request a balance transfer when reporting a lost, stolen or damaged card. To do this, the member must visit the warehouse and notify a supervisor or manager, who will get a new shop card and call member care to move the balance. Our staff will transfer the funds from the original card to the new card, which will activate the new card and render the original card inactive.

To merge funds from multiple cards onto one, contact member care. Keep in mind that this is only possible if both Shop Cards are active and were purchased by the same member.


Australian Shop Card terms and conditions

Use of the Costco Shop Card constitutes acceptance of the following terms and conditions:

  • You must be a Costco member to purchase or reload Costco Shop Cards.
  • Available in denominations from $25 to $999.99.
  • Members and non-members may use the Costco Shop Cards for the purchase of merchandise, services and Costco memberships at any Costco location in Australia, excluding purchases of petrol and excluding all online purchases.
  • Costco Shop Cards have no expiration date.
  • A member may reload a Costco Shop Card at any Costco Australia warehouse location. The member must bring the Costco Shop Card to the location.
  • A member should retain the original register receipt for the Costco Shop Card. Costco Shop Cards generally cannot be replaced if lost or stolen and should be treated like cash. If the purchasing member retains the Costco Shop Card receipt any remaining value on a lost/stolen cash card may, at the discretion of Costco, be transferred to a new card for the member. Costco is not responsible for unauthorised use of a Costco Shop Card.
  • A member may view the Costco Shop Card cash balance using the link at top of the page.
  • Shop Card balances cannot be applied as payments to any account or redeemed for cash (unless required by law), except that, for non-members only, a card balance of less than $10.00 may be redeemed for cash.
  • Data collection and use is subject to Costco’s privacy policy (see
  • The parties and these terms and conditions are subject to all applicable laws.
  • Shop Cards must not be resold.