6 steps on how to register for an Online Account


1.Register Now

Once you have collected your card from our Membership counter at a warehouse, you are then able to register for an online account.

Please visit our "Membership" page to create an online account and select the “Register Now” tab or you can go directly to the Online Account terms and condition to start registering your online account.

Please note an online account is not created automatically when you sign up at a warehouse.



2.Terms and Conditions

Agree to Membership terms and conditions by clicking on the check boxes then pressing the button "Continue to Identity Check".



3.Membership Number and Name

The Online registration page will appear.

Please fill in your Member Name and Membership Number as they appear on the back of your membership card and click on the "Validate" button to confirm your details.

Once validated, the Member Name and Membership Number fields will be “greyed out” and you will receive a confirmation message. Please continue filling in your details below the validation area.



4.Your Details and Address

Please take care when entering your phone number. The phone number needs to be input without spaces or hyphens eg. 0212345678. An error message "Please enter a valid phone number" will appear if you have not entered correctly.

Next fill in the required fields in the "Online Registration" form highlighted with an asterix*.

Please pay particular attention to your address details, here we help you with our Address Finder. Please type in your street address in the box labelled “Address Line 1” then your post code into the box labelled “Postal Code”. Click on the “Find Address” tab to locate your address.

"Select Your Address" by clicking on the correct address that appears in the drop down menu, once you have selected your address the remaining address details will be completed for you. Please ensure the address details are correct.

If you receive an error message “The address entered was not found. Try again or enter your address manually” or if your address does not appear or the suggestions are incorrect. Please click on “Enter Address Manually” and continue filling out your address details.

Please use the "Find Address" or "Enter Address Manually" tabs to enter your address or the form will not submit correctly.



5.Contact Preferences

Select your preferred method for Costco to contact you regarding coupons and offers from "My Communication Preferences".

Finally, click "Register" to complete your online registration.

Please note you are able to change your contact preferences at any time by accessing your acount settings after logging in and going to "My Account".



6.Confirmation Message

A confirmation message will appear informing you that you have successfully registered for an online account showing your membership type, your membership number, your name and your date of birth.

A text message and/or email will also be sent confirming that you have registered online.

You can now login to your account to view your membership type, membership number, membership expiry date, date of birth, name and email address. You can also view and change auto renew settings, your phone number and gender.

Take the hassle of renewing your membership by turning on auto renew where we will renew your membership for you. By turning on auto renew, you will have the convenience of always having an up to date membership when you shop at Costco. We’ll let you know 15 days before your membership renewal payment is processed and confirm that your payment has been processed or if it has been unsuccessful.

Please note that your payment details are encrypted, no one can see, use or alter your payment details except for you. You are also able to turn on or off Auto Renewal at any time.



Already registered or validation message

If you receive a message when clicking on the Validate button, "The number you provided is already registered".

Try logging in again as it appears that you are already registered for an online account. You may receive the error message if you have signed up online as an online account will be created for you as part of the sign up process so you don't need to validate your membership.

If you receive a message when clicking on the Validate button, "Please go to your warehouse for validation". It would appear that you have entered the wrong membership number, please try entering your membership number again.