How can I register for an online account


1. Register now

Once you’ve collected your card from your local warehouse, you can register for an online account. Visit our "Membership" page and select “Register now” or go directly to "Online registration".

An online account isn’t created automatically when you sign up at a warehouse, you must register online.



2. Terms and conditions

Agree to the membership terms and conditions by checking the boxes then clicking "Continue to identity check". Once you’ve done this, the online registration page will appear.



3. Membership name and number

Fill in your name and membership number as they appear on the back of your membership card, click the check box next to “I’m not a robot” and click "Validate" to confirm your details.

Once validated, the name and membership number fields will turn grey and you’ll receive a confirmation message. Continue entering your details below the validation area.



4. Your details and address

When entering your phone number, don’t include spaces or hyphens, e.g. 0404040040. The error message "Please enter a valid phone number" will appear if you haven’t done this correctly.

Type your street address under “Address line 1”, then enter your postcode. Click “Find address”, then select the correct one from the drop down menu. After this, the remaining details will autofill.

Double check all your details are correct. You must fill out all fields marked with an asterix* to continue.

If your address doesn’t appear, the suggestions are incorrect, or if you see the error message “The address entered was not found” try entering your address again.

Click "Find address" and use the correct autofill address at this stage, otherwise the form won’t submit correctly.



5. Contact preferences

We want to keep in contact with you!

Everytime you make a transaction, you’ll automatically receive an email notification. You can also opt to receive a text notification on your mobile phone. We also run a range of coupons and offers that present you with incredible value.

To receive your transaction by phone or to be notified of our latest promotions, select your preferred notification from "My contact preferences" before you click on "Register".

You can change your contact preferences at any time by logging in and going to "My account".



6. Confirmation message

Congratulations, you’ve finished registering for your Costco online account!

You’ll see a confirmation message that shows your membership type and number, and your name and date of birth. You’ll also receive confirmation through a text message and/or email.

You can now log into your account to view your membership type, number and expiry date, and your date of birth, name and email address. If you need to, you can change your auto renewal settings, phone number and gender.

Auto renewal

Take the hassle out of renewing your membership by turning on auto renewal. Choosing this option allows us to automatically update your card when it’s due, so you’ll have the convenience of a card that’s always valid. We’ll let you know 15 days before your renewal payment is processed and we’ll contact you to confirm whether it’s successful.

Your payment details are encrypted, so no one can see, use or alter anything except for you. If you decide you don’t want to use auto renewal anymore, you can turn it off at any time.



"Already registered" or "validation" message

If you see "The number you provided is already registered" after you click “Validate”, you may already have an online account. An online account is created when you sign up for a membership online, so if this applies to you, try logging in again.

In the case you see "Please go to your warehouse for validation" after clicking “Validate”, you may have entered the wrong membership number. Check your membership card and try entering the number again.