Light intelligent lenses

Transitions are completely clear indoors with just the right amount of tint outdoors. Photochromic lenses are available as single vision or Kirkland Signature HD Progressive Lenses.

You’ll find your lenses:

  • begin to darken instantly—as soon as you step outdoors
  • quickly fade back to clear when indoors
  • help protect against harmful blue light from digital devices, screens and the sun
  • help reduce glare, eye fatigue and eye strain
  • block 100% of UV rays.


Drivewear continuously adapts to changing daylight conditions, reduces excess light, optimises colour contrast and is polarised to block blinding glare. These lenses are great for all kinds of weather:

  • In light or overcast conditions, the lenses are a green/yellow colour that provides high contrast and minimises glare.
  • Behind the windshield, the lenses activate to copper, enhancing colour recognition and depth perception.
  • In bright outdoor light, the lenses change to a dark red-brown, filtering excess light to provide maximum comfort.
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