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16 February 2015 - Product Alerts

Costco Wholesale Australia wishes to advise that 
    Speedy Berry Mixed Berries (Item No. 31728)
 Speedy Berry Raspberries (Item No. 31731)
Speedy Berry Blueberries (Item No. 31730)

is not affected by the current frozen berry recall. This product is processed in Australia under strict SQF 2000 Global Standard, is complaint with all current Food Safety Legislation abd Regulations and is safe for human consumption.

The blueberries are sourced from the USA, and the blackberries abd raspberries are sourced from Serbia.

WE further confirm that the product us tested for pathogens including:

- E. Coli
- Coliforms 
- Salmonella
- Staphylococcus 
- Lysteria 

For more information relating to this item, you can contact Frutex Customer Services directly on (02) 9502 6500

Terry McWillaims 
Assistant General Merchandise Manager 
(Food & Sundries)

 Full PDF letter sent to affected members