Sample something new at your local warehouse. 

Costco regularly holds roadshows and events for our members thoughout the year. These events showcase new items and introduces one-off items to our members that we will not typically carry all year round.

Please note that roadshows are subject to change including cancellation. Please contact your local warehouse should you wish to confirm an event.

Upcoming Roadshows:


Roadshow dates

Docklands, VIC  

Infinite Aloe: 20th February - 03rd March 
LauraStar 04th - 10th March 

Auburn, NSW

Gospel Pianos: 12th - 24th February 
Laurastar: 25th February - 03rd March 
Jewel of India: 07th - 17th March
Bee Bio: 06th - 24th March 

Canberra, ACT  

 Ken Ducan: 27th February - 10th March

Ringwood, VIC 

Laurastar: 18th - 24th February 
Pure Living Wallpaper: 27th February - 10th March 
MIG Textile: 12th - 31st March 
Jewel of India: 14th - 17th March 

Crossroads, NSW

Pure Living Wallpaper: 05th - 17th March 

North Lakes, QLD Infinite Aloe Roadshow: 06th - 17th March 
Adelaide, SA

Brazilian Cowhides: 6th - 17th March 

Moorabbin, VIC

Pure Living Wallpaper: 13th - 24th February 
Jewel of India: 28th February - 10th March 
Jumbo UGG: 27th February - 10th March
LauraStar: 12th - 17th March

Marsden Park, NSW 

Jewel of India: 22nd February - 03rd March 
Rodeo Joes: 07th - 11th March 
FryAir: 13th - 24th March 


Jewel of India: 14th - 23rd February 
Woll Cookware: 13th - 24th February 
MIG Textiles: 20th February - 3rd March 
Infinite Aloe: 06th - 17th March 
Brazilian Cowhides:  6th - 17th March