Business Delivery Questions

Why is Business Delivery only available from some warehouses?

Business Delivery is only available from our Victorian Docklands and Ringwood warehouses, however we will be expanding this service to other locations in the near future. Watch this space to learn more about our plans!

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Has COVID-19 affected Business Delivery shipments?

Business Delivery has been affected by COVID-19. Read more for further updates..

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What are the minimum requirements to place a Business Delivery order?

To successfully checkout with Business Delivery items, you must place a minimum order of $500 and you must be within 20km of our Docklands or Ringwood warehouses. Keep reading to learn more.

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What fees are involved with Business Delivery?

When you order using our Business Delivery service, you may be charged delivery and/or tonnage fees depending on the amount you spend and the weight of your order.

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How do I register an online account for Business Delivery?

You must have an online account to use our new Business Delivery service. If you have already shopped at Costco online before, you will already have an account. Otherwise, keep reading to learn more.

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I’m already a Business Delivery member. Why do I have to register again?

We’ve moved Business Delivery from its previous platform to our website, and in order to shop on our website, you must have an account. Keep reading for more information.

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How can I find Business Delivery products on the website?

You can find all Business Delivery items here, via the “Business Delivery” category under “Shop all departments”, or in the navigation menu across the top of the website.

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I received the error message “There is no warehouse serving postcode (your postcode)”

To change your postcode, click “change” next to your current postcode in the grey bar across the top of the page. Keep reading for more information.

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How can I change my postcode?

If you are not moving on to the payment screen, it may be that all the required fields have not been completed. Please try again, taking particular care with the phone number and address sections.

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Why are there different prices for the same item on Business Delivery and the Costco eCommerce site?

Business Delivery items come directly from our warehouses and shipping is charged separately. Items from the Costco eCommerce site come from our eCommerce depot and are inclusive of the shipping cost.

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After changing my postcode, I noticed that a product I’m after is out of stock

This product may not be available at the warehouse your Business Delivery order is shipping from. Keep reading to learn more.

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I can’t see Business Delivery prices

To see Business Delivery pricing and add items to your cart, you must confirm your postcode.

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What are variable weight products?

Variable weight products differ in weight between the time of your order placement and shipment, which results in an adjustment of price. Continue reading to find out more.

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Can I organise Business Delivery returns or refunds online?

Unfortunately, Business Delivery refunds and returns cannot be organised online. Instead, if you need to return your items, contact your Business Delivery warehouse directly.

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