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  1. Soft sell


    Soft sell

    Squishmallows’ meteoric rise to the top of the $100 billion global toy market is one for the ages.

  2. Cinema under the stars


    Cinema under the stars

    Now is a perfect time to get cosy and catch a flick outdoors with friends and family.

  3. Andy's greatest adventure


    Andy's greatest adventure

    Comedian Andy Lee on laughing his way through life – and why you should definitely NOT read any of his books.

  4. Writing memories


    Writing memories

    James Patterson has sold more than 425 million books worldwide. The Connection recently caught up with the prolific author to talk about his career.

  5. Family fun time


    Family fun time

    Discover the health benefits of learning through play, regardless of your age.

  6. Snow down under


    Snow down under

    Here’s your handbook to Australia’s key mountains to help you create some beautiful memories for your whole family.

  7. Off the beaten track


    Off the beaten track

    Expert 4WD tips to keep in mind when you’re swapping bitumen for sand.

  8. Packing hacks


    Packing hacks

    Heading off on a holiday? Don’t let packing be a headache!

  9. Pedal power


    Pedal power

    With fewer cars and more bike lanes, Australia’s better for cycling than ever before.

  10. Be a wrap star


    Be a wrap star

    Here’s a helpful, stress-free guide to creating perfect, artfully wrapped Christmas gifts, no matter your style.

  11. Brick by brick


    Brick by brick

    LEGO Masters judge Ryan McNaught talks his favourite builds and how you can create like a contestant.

  12. Tyre care


    Tyre care

    Learn how to choose the right tyres for your lifestyle and brush up on your tyre maintenance knowledge.

  13. Pet subject


    Pet subject

    Bondi Vet Dr Chris Brown shares some of his wisdom about the real benefits of owning a pet.

  14. How to host a viewing party


    How to host a viewing party

    Whether you’re connecting with loved ones in person or from afar, we have the tips to make your movie night shine!

  15. Back to nature


    Back to nature

    A family camping trip is not a mission to undertake lightly—it requires significant planning. This stress free guide will help you avoid the pitfalls and make sure everyone has a great time.