Cookie Policy List

Costco’s Cookie Policy provides more detail about how we use cookies and similar technologies to collect information when you visit our website and the choices you have regarding the use of cookies. Listed below are the cookies and similar tracking technologies we deploy on For more information on how we collect and process personal data about you, please see our Privacy Policy.

Cookie Name Duration Cookie Host Type Category Subcategory Vendor Purpose Privacy Policy Page
ak_bmsc Seconds Persistent Essential Essential Akamai Akamai offers content acceleration and web application security for They provide content delivery along with firewall services for Costco’s multiple Ecommerce websites The Akamai Secure Content Delivery Network and Enterprise Application Access network are the only systems that transmit cardholder data. Analyticswise Akamai only proxies and re-transmits cardholder data, they do not store any cardholder data on durable media. Akamai
bm_mi Seconds Persistent Essential Essential
bm_sv Seconds Persistent Essential Essential
bv_metrics Seconds Persistent Non-Essential Analytics BazaarVoice Bazaarvoice provides the platform for members to post product reviews to product pages. Bazaarvoice powers Costco’s ratings & reviews by moderating & authenticating member reviews across all products globally (AU, CN, JP, KR, MX, TW, UK, and US). BazaarVoice
BVBRANDID A year Persistent Non-Essential Analytics
BVBRANDSID Seconds Persistent Non-Essential Analytics
BVID A year Persistent Non-Essential Analytics
BVImplmain_site Session Session Essential Essential
BVSID Seconds Persistent Non-Essential Analytics
NoCookie Seconds Persistent Essential Essential
australia_RVP A month Persistent Essential Essential Costco We use cookies on our websites to store your preferences and settings, enable you to sign-in, combat fraud, analyze how our products perform, and fulfill Analytics legitimate purposes. Costco
australia-cart A year Persistent Essential Essential
comparedProductsIDs Seconds Persistent Essential Essential
cookietest Session Session Essential Essential
A year Persistent Essential Essential
CSRFToken Session Session Essential Essential
HAPC Session Session Essential Essential
JSESSIONID Session Session Essential Essential
ROUTEID Session Session Essential Essential
session_uuid Session Session Essential Essential
SF_SESSION_ID Session Session Essential Essential
tire-search-criteria Session Session Essential Essential
tire-search-filters Session Session Essential Essential
context_segment Seconds Persistent Essential Essential
UserPreferences 6 months Persistent Essential Essential
_ga 2 years Persistent Non-Essential Analytics Google Analytics Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. Google Analytics
_gat_UA- Seconds Persistent Non-Essential Analytics
_gid 1 day Persistent Non-Essential Analytics
GCLB Session Session Essential Essential Google Cloud Allows for webtsite traffic to be distributed properly. Google Cloud
googtrans Seconds Persistent Essential Essential Google Translate Allows us to translate the content on the site to different languages. Google Translate
NID 6 months Persistent Essential Essential
__cf_bm Seconds Persistent Essential Essential Vimeo Vimeo, Inc. is an American video hosting, sharing, and services platform provider. They provide video hosting for our websites. Vimeo
_gd Session Session Essential Essential Impact Radius Impact Radius manages an affiliate marketing platform. Cookies can be used to tie out attribution of marketing campaigns. Impact Radius

List updated on 14/03/2024