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Fresh Food

Why do so many restaurants buy their fresh ingredients at Costco? Because they know they’ll get the highest quality at a fantastic value!

Costco’s ongoing commitment to quality and value in the merchandise and services we offer our members is the cornerstone of our business. An underlying quest for excellence exemplifies the Costco spirit and guides us as we conduct our business every day. You will find this throughout our fresh departments, where our skilled butchers, bakers and fresh food teams are dedicated to bringing you the quality and value we are known for.

Costco Fresh Meat

Fresh Meat

Visit our meat department for the freshest cuts of Australian beef, pork, chicken and lamb. You will only receive the highest quality meat, from tender steaks, chicken and pork, to mince (ground beef), lamb chops and cutlets.

Costco Fresh Seafood

Fresh Seafood

Visit our seafood department for the freshest variety of seafood including a range of whole fresh fish, fillets, prawns, salmon, oysters and mussels.

Costco Fresh Bakery

Fresh Bakery

Enjoy our range of variety muffins, breads, croissants and cakes when planning your next event or special occasion.

Costco Fresh Produce

Fresh Produce

Costco is proud to offer the finest quality fruits and vegetables, for a freshness that can not be beaten. Visit the warehouse for a full range of fresh staples and exciting seasonal products.

Costco Service Deli

Service Deli

From sandwich and prawn platters to our delicious rotisserie chicken, our Service Deli provides the perfect range for entertaining. Come see our range of platters, salads and meal solutions for yourself.