Blue light is found in everything from sunlight to screens

Research suggests that blue light can have negative effects on our health, like disrupting the natural sleep cycle and possibly increasing retinal damage from cumulative lifetime exposure. In everyday life, it can create a haze that reduces contrast and decreases sharpness, lessening visual clarity.

How to reduce blue light exposure

An anti-blue light treatment can be added as a coating to any lenses custom made with Costco. It helps to selectively reduce the harmful portion of blue light while letting the beneficial blue light pass through.

Benefits of an anti-blue light treatment

As anti-blue light treatments reduce the ability of harmful blue light to enter the eye, including the coating on your lenses has the potential to:

  • reduce accumulated damage to the eye
  • reduce digital eye strain and symptoms associated with Computer Vision Syndrome
  • reduce glare and reflection in the light, and lessen eye fatigue and reflection at night
  • allow beneficial blue light to pass through for increased clarity.
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