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Augmented reality, robots and motion-sensored innovations mean your home may do more than you ever thought possible.

As our lives become more and more reliant on technology, so too will our homes. The way we live is expected to change dramatically in the years ahead as robots, artificial intelligence and facial recognition will not only automate but also become more intuitive to a household’s needs. Here’s a sneak peek at what tomorrow may bring…

Woman using smart home screen
Woman using smart phone to turn on light
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Manual controls will disappear

Prepare for light switches, doorknobs, dials and even the humble key to become obsolete. “If something in your home is manually controlled or adjusted, expect them to look very smooth when replaced,” says tech commentator Geoff Quattromani. “Either a touchscreen or voice controls will replace them. More things will become robotic and others will remove the need for manual controls.” Even entering your home will become automated, with your front door using facial recognition to let you in.


Highly personalised and intuitive homes

Do you prefer a cooler room whereas your partner likes it warmer? Your home will know that and adjust itself accordingly. “Augmented reality techniques will allow control of devices via visual sensory recognition. Human-centric prediction can recognise a person entering a room and adapt the climate and lighting controls to the preference of the individual,” says Ian Richardson, the chairman of KNX National Group, the member organisation for providers and installers of smart home and building technology.

Expect artificial intelligence to play an integral role in the home, coordinating everything in a household to suit its occupants’ needs. Geoff says this could mean a robotic vacuum will access your diary and know that you’re not home from a certain time and thus will start vacuuming while you’re out. Or it could turn on the washing machine for you as you leave work, and have it finish a load just as you get home.

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Smart vacuum cleaner
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Intelligent and interactive entertainment

Expect your home entertainment set-up to look very different in the future – TVs will get even thinner, the picture will become clearer, and the remote control will become obsolete. “Our content will follow us. Moving from the lounge room to the kitchen will bring the content to the fridge so we won’t miss a moment. It will shift to the mirror in the bathroom and to the backseat for the kids when they’re in the car and our mobile devices when we’re on the train,” says Geoff.


More energy efficiency

As we strive to become more energy efficient, technology in our home will make that easier.

“Utilising energy intelligently will mean artificial lighting is not used if not required, heating and ventilation will operate in the occupied rooms only or adjust to minimum setpoints during periods of vacancy, allowing a quick return to optimum levels,” says Ian.


Integration with our daily routine

There will be seamless integration between technology and our lives. Geoff says we could see our devices “speaking” to our homes. For example, using data from a wearable device, your home will know if you’re tired and thus need suggestions for simple meals to cook for dinner or that perhaps you’ve had a tough workout and need your mattress firmed up for better recovery.


Watch these items

Smart plug

Smart plugs

These are a simple, inexpensive way to introduce smart technology into the home. Plugged into any socket, they allow you to control an appliance from your smart phone.

Smart lighting

Designed to maximise energy efficiency, smart lighting employs low-power fittings and automated controls to adjust lighting according to the number of people in the room or the amount of daylight available.


Smart assistant

From Apple’s Siri to Google Assistant, the smart assistant uses voice commands to do everything and anything – from remind you about a meeting to control lighting or play your favourite album.

Smart security

With the ability to control the lighting at your front door to security cameras and even answering the doorbell, keeping your home secure can now be done with a few simple taps.


Smart display

This voice-controlled display panel can be used to manage your home’s smart devices from a distance. By issuing simple commands, such as setting a timer or displaying a recipe, you can plan your day and stay connected wherever you are around the home.


Originally published in The Costco Connection, Jul/Aug 2020. Pick up the latest copy at your local warehouse or read it online.