Masterclass air-frying Masterclass air-frying

Your air fryer is a turbo-charged mini oven, cooking food quickly, and with less oil. Still not sold? Here are six steps to air-frying nirvana.


1. Keep it small

Meat in air-fryer

Circulation is key to deliciousness when cooking in an air fryer. By separating your food into smaller pieces, you’ll be able to keep that hot air flowing, resulting in evenly cooked food that’s golden brown and delicious.

2. Spray it!

Pouring oil on salad

We’re sure you already know that you can air-fry your food with very little fat, but giving it a light coating is still essential! Simply fill your favourite oil mister with olive oil and give your food an even spritz before it goes into the fryer.

3. Crunchy is best

Crumbed chicken in air-fryer

Crunchy coatings work best in the airfryer, as the hot air ensures that the coating remains dry enough to crisp up. Try breadcrumbs, crushed corn flakes, crushed potato chips, desiccated coconut – the list is endless!

4. Batch it

Vegetable skewers in air-fryer

Overloading your air fryer results in soggy bottoms and overcooked tops. If your air fryer basket isn’t big enough to comfortably cook all the food, simply cook it in batches and keep them warm on a tray in a low-temperature oven.

5. Grease the basket

Potato wedges in air-fryer

We talk about greasing the food, but did you know you should grease the basket too? Although most air fryer baskets come with a non-stick coating, it’s always helpful to give it a little brush of oil, so you’re not struggling with hot food later.

6. Just add water

Green beans in air-fryer

Some foods render more fat than others (hello bacon!) and this can result in some smoking. Adding a little water to the bottom of the tray will help with this – the water tempers the temperature of the rendered fat, while your food finishes cooking.


Originally published in The Costco Connection, Mar/Apr 2020. Pick up the latest copy at your local warehouse or read it online.