Masterclass bread Masterclass bread

The Connection’s Tammi Kwok on three of our bestselling freshly baked breads.

The infatuation with bread used to be a complete mystery to me. Growing up in Singapore in the 90s meant we only had one type – soft, fluffy, spongy milk bread. So imagine my utter delight when I was introduced to a whole new world of textures and flavours! Whether you like it as a hearty base to your dinner, or you’re a fan of a sandwich stacked sky-high, the unassuming loaf can add more dimension to your meal than you realise.

Dinner rolls in table cloth
Man breaking rye bread
Dinner rolls on white background

Dinner rolls

The dinner roll is usually relegated to being a sidekick at the dining table. But with the popularity of the internet (and TikTok!), I’ve come to appreciate just what the dinner roll can do. My current favourite? Halving a batch of rolls horizontally and sandwiching them with toppings and cheese in a big roasting tray. Warm in the oven and voila! Easy, hot mini sandwiches, ready for a party. Want a quick dessert? Slather with hazelnut spread and bake after soaking in custard. The possibilities are endless.

Baguettes in basket in shop
Artisan bread and wheat on table
Seeded bagels on table
Bread in baskets


Also called French stick bread, this long, crusty loaf can seem intimidating, but I think that it is truly the MVP of the bread world. Its shape means that you can cut it to fit your needs: long for a sub-style sandwich, slanted for bruschetta or accordion style for garlic bread. Feeling adventurous? Cut it in half, hollow it out and stuff it with a deli salad mix for a less-mess picnic option.



No one would blame you for assuming that the only way to have a bagel is with cream cheese and salmon. It is a classic for a reason. But the bagel’s chewy, dense (in a nice way!) interior plays well with any spread-plus-salty-meat combo. Smashed avocado with deli turkey and cranberry sauce? Yes, please! Toasted sesame bagel with hoisin sauce, leftover duck and spring onion? Where do I sign up? If you’re not a savoury fan, a cinnamon and blueberry bagel with a schmear of cream cheese is divine with a cup of coffee.


Originally published in The Costco Connection, Sep/Oct 2022. Pick up the latest copy at your local warehouse or read it online.